Steamed soy bean

Shrimp and pork imperial rolls (2 rolls)

Deep fried chicken wings (5 pieces)

Grilled salmon belly drizzled in house sauce

Fried tofu cubes, topped with bonito flakes and shallot, served with sauce tempura (2 pieces)

Large deep fried tofu mix with spicy teriyaki sauce, topped o with bonito flakes

Mussels baked in oven with Motoyaki sauce (6 pieces)

Oysters baked in oven with Motoyaki sauce (3 pieces)

Fresh oysters served with ponzu sauce and seasonal tobiko (6 pieces)

Grilled codfish served with seasonal vegetables

Breaded so-shell crab dipped with Mizu sauce

Japanese raviolis stuffed with pork, chicken, shrimps and cabbage, served with gyoza sauce (5 pieces)

Fresh salmon tartar mixed in a mild sesame mayo

Fried rice sushi topped with crab sticks, caviar, cucumber and avocado (4 pieces)

Lightly seared sliced beef served with chef sauce